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Do you need a WOW item in your live auction? Are you looking for something that would really get the buzz going in your community about your fundraising event? Many nonprofits are turning to travel consignment companies for these types of items. Travel consignment companies offer packages all around the world. If you can dream it, more than likely a travel consignment expert either has it or can get it. Enhancements to these trips may include airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, entertainment (theater, sports tickets and the like), and excursions.

Travel consignment companies offer trips and experiences at a set cost to your nonprofit organization. Any revenue generated above that set price is revenue for your nonprofit. Adding to the flexibility of these packages, and the delight of development professionals, is the option for a professional benefit auctioneer to sell more than one of the same item during your live auction. The Benefit Auction Institute can show you how to maximize your organization’s profit potential by selling these trips and/or experiences at your events. 

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