Why Education Helps

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Here at Benefit Auction Institute, we wholeheartedly agree. If you change your pocket of the world, you do indeed, change the world.

Because you are committed to staying current with industry trends and best practices, you will not be the annual gala that your guests dread attending.

  • No, you will be the Development professional or Gala Chairs who know how to engage your donors, volunteers, and other key constituents because their buy-in is so critical to your success.
  • You will be the person who understands that Audience Development is a year-long process that never ends, and that all of your fundraising activities can tie to your gala with thoughtful implementation.
  • You will be the nonprofit that attracts sponsor dollars because you appreciate corporate commitment and show/tell them how much their support means in creative ways.
  • Your team will attract the right bidders to the room, and the right items for those bidders to get excited about.
  • You will tap multiple revenue streams during your charity event, offering a variety of ways for donors to support your cause.
  • You will be the event professional that crafts and adheres to a timeline laser focused on raising money.
  • Your team will assure passionate yet succinct messaging that highlights your mission and invites donors to become more deeply involved with it.
  • And, you will not be the team that operates without a net. You will discern and select the professional tools, goods and services that will preserve your sanity, increase your efficiency, and produce results to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals.

And we will be here to help because the pocket of the world that you change matters greatly to us.

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