Why Benefit Auction Institute?

Why do nonprofits and their event volunteers choose the Benefit Auction Institute?

Synergy. No doubt you’re familiar with the word which means “the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.”

And herein lies our opportunity and our challenge.

Kurt Johnson Auctioneering, Inc. of the Midwest and C King Benefit Auctions of the Southeast have been working for more than two years toward the goal of developing one go-to resource for all things benefit auction. We combined the strength of our individual skill sets (50 combined years of benefit auction market intelligence from our regions, and 16 plus years of working for nonprofits in individual giving, communications and special events); as well as the perspective, passion and enthusiasm of three partners who share a singular goal—to help our nonprofit partners reach Higher! in their event-based fundraising.

Benefit Auction Institute exists to fortify benefit auction professionals with the tips, tools and talent needed to leverage their nonprofit events to their most successful outcomes. At Benefit Auction Institute we don’t wish upon stars, we work alongside them. The stars are our nonprofits working to assure their organizations have the funding they need for their vital missions and programs. The stars are our highly experienced benefit auction consultants, trainers, and auctioneers bringing their expertise to the classroom to help nonprofits realize their reach in and around their special events. And the stars are the niched suppliers who help these nonprofits do their work more efficiently and creatively to help them meet and exceed their revenue goals.

We will accomplish our work by providing the classes, products, resources and more to help reduce a nonprofit’s stress; to simplify or improve their processes; to assist them in influencing key decision-makers; and to provide them options to engage with donors that they may not know exist.

Welcome to the Benefit Auction institute. When the stars align anything is possible! 

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