Benefit Auction Software

You’ve been there…

  • The planning is done and now you’re into the process of organizing your big event. The budget sheet is in one place; the guest roster in another; the task list, sponsors, auction items, bid sheets, and letters are in more places. None of these documents interface with the other—and wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could?
  • The crush of attendees line up to check-out after your event and the log-jam has them backed up down the hallway. A well-intentioned volunteer is managing the scene as best she can, but the crowd is getting bigger and someone put the sheets in the wrong alpha order. And now the waiting guests have gone from mildly agitated to full-blown disgruntled. Despite the stellar work you did to deliver a positive, mission-inspired, enjoyable experience that your guests will talk about, now you've got them talking for all the wrong reasons!

You work so hard for your nonprofit. Benefit auction software can help you work smarter, reduce hours of labor, eliminate guesswork, and increase your efficiencies so dramatically you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this leap sooner. Imagine having a system that: eliminates human data entry issues; allows you to track auction items from receipt to thank you letter with tax receipt; captures your credit card information at registration; decreases your check-out line; uploads all credit card charges in batch mode, saving hours of manual credit card entry for staff; and so much more!

These systems are here for the taking. It’s time!

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