Next Level Live Auctions: How to Raise More Money at Your Premier Fundraising Events

Next Level Live Auctions: How to Raise More Money at Your Premier Fundraising...

It is time to take your nonprofit's Live Auction to the next level. People no longer give to charity. They invest in results. Each year, your events should raise more money, awareness, and excitement than the year before. In this training we bring our 25+ years of Live Auction experience to show you how. 

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Momentum Builders--Tips to leverage audience excitement and mission impact
  • Marketing for event results--Using multi-channel communications, enticing visuals and descriptive copy
  • The Live Auction Bell Curve--How to decide the number of items to sell at your event and their order in the line-up to maximize bidding potential
  • The importance of tailoring auction items to your specific crowd
  • Consignment Success! The most popular packages in your area
  • How to maximize corporate and small business support
  • Event Killers--Overlooked logistics and items that drain potential from the room
  • Donor Cultivation Plans--How to deepen donor relationships all year long

You will leave this class with a list of exciting, revenue-generating ideas for your next live auction!

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Our Clients Say

My event is two days away and I learned two new ideas that I am going to implement in 48 hours!

Duluth attendee, Duluth nonprofit