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Thursdays: Growing traction; less competition
As gala season rolls along, many nonprofit organizations push to schedule their events on Fridays and Saturdays. At the peak of gala season you may find not just a couple, but dozens of fundraisers competing for your attention on those nights, solution?, donors where you need them, where you need them, event venues, less expensive, week night, week nights, results?, increased attendance, increased revenue, reduced overhead, thrilled, client, tighten up, work night, timeline, focused, window of opportunity, talking heads, no long speeches, valet, efficient check-in, check-out, spent, spending, winning!

Cycling and fundraising—It’s best to stick together
I believe cycling is a wonderful metaphor for both life and fundraising – keep moving, stick together, help each other, work hard and be prepared to suffer a bit. The outcome makes it all the more worthwhile.

Lessons from TC, Mascot of the Minnesota Twins
One can learn a lot from a seven-foot fuzzy bear. The Minnesota Twins’ mascot, TC, recently made an appearance at an event hosted by his teammate, Brian Dozier.

Up above the clouds so high
I'm sure you've done it (I can't be the only one!). You race to the airport to make a flight, get safely through security, and then wait to make the walk down the jetway to your plane. When finally aboard you pack into your seat like a sardine with every form of entertainment at your fingertips--books, magazines, movies, and oh yes, work!

(Non)-Buyer’s Remorse: I Need More Cowbell!
You know that shopping spree you went on? The one where you went in search of new tennis shoes and instead came home with a sack full of items you hadn’t planned on? Sometimes those moments are fun; sometimes filled with regret. Well, trust me on this, the same can be said in reverse when you let a great opportunity go by.

Come fly with us: Meet early with your Professional Benefit Auctioneers and...
An event in an airport hangar? How will that work? What could be awesome? What could go wrong? I recently sat with a client who shared that her next event was going to take place in an airport hangar. This was her nonprofit’s first time working in an airport hangar; it was our company’s fifth time!

Five lessons from an apple picker
Eight years ago my husband planted a Honeycrisp apple tree in our front yard. And being Minnesotans we are very biased that all Honeycrisp apples—if not the ones from our very own front tree— are the best on the planet. Of course, we place a premium on the fruit that the tree produces because there is some amount of work in getting to the point of harvest. Between the watering, the tiny amount of spraying, and the occasional pruning of the branches, there is something very satisfying about getting to the place where we can pick our prized apples.

Should we say goodbye to our Silent Auction?
Considering dropping your Silent Auction? Read here first!

What is Your “Free” Auctioneer Costing You?
By investing in a professional fundraising auctioneer, your revenue will be increased over and above your investment. Plus, you receive guidance and support for your staff and committee during the entire process.


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