My client consultation was about to begin. This large nonprofit provides financially challenged individuals and families with things like beds, tables, chairs, lamps, pots and pans—some of the necessities for furnishing a home. Each participant had the meeting agenda in front of them. The meeting was to be a stem to stern look at their event data and results and was expected to last around two hours. All 10 of us were ready to buckle down and get to work.

But this meeting had something unique right up front—the three words, “People We Touch”. I said to myself, “What is this about?” when the Executive Director started the meeting by asking a staff member to read the thank you letter they received as their “People We Touch” moment.

The staff member then shared the story of a 60 year-old woman who lost everything through a job change and the death of her husband. She had come to their organization hoping to get a bed, table and some chairs. This woman wrote about how she walked in with shame and trepidation, not knowing if or how she would be helped. She wrote that when she got there the volunteers treated her with respect and dignity. She wrote about how she walked away with far more items for her empty apartment than she ever dreamed—even a clock for her wall! She wrote about how she was touched and felt loved as a human being. She could not say enough about the organization and the people who were working there.

Looking around the table I saw misty eyes and smiles on everyone’s faces. The Executive Director transitioned us into our work by simply stating, “And that is just one example of the hundreds of people we serve each week. We have staff and volunteers working hard to make this world a better place, one person at a time. And that is why this fundraiser is so important. We need money to keep helping those in need.”

It was like a burst of energy came in the room. While we tackled each topic, sometimes with tedious details, you could feel the energy. Everyone had been given a real life reminder about why we were working so hard on this fundraiser.

So now I pose this question to those reading my blog: Do you need to infuse your committee with focus and energy? Try this simple method before your next meeting. Your organizations and missions touch people all the time and it is the heart of you. Keep these impact statements at the forefront of your meetings and watch your committee go!