You know the model of the Donor Pyramid? Well, I’ve coined a new term that I like to call Donor Migration and I am not talking about Caribou here. I am talking about using your gala’s Fund-a-Need appeal to encourage your donors to migrate to another giving level.

For example, at your last event did you have 30 donors at the $100 level and only 8 at $250? Or did you have 20 donors at $250 but only ten at $500. ...I see improved Donor Migration success by using a giving incentive. Specifically, securing matching money that is only for the specific purpose of matching gifts at the level you want donors to move to. This works best when using bid paddles and calling out donor bid numbers starting at higher levels. As an example you start at $5,000 and then move to $2,500, $1,000, $500 and then pause before you start the $250 level. Your auctioneer announces a special match that is only at the $250 level. Then s/he makes an informed and passionate ask and shares that the donor's money will now double! With this technique you will help your donors migrate from say, $100 to $250! Extra bonus? This is an excellent way to make the donor who provided your matching gift feel like a champion. I mean, look what his/her gift made happen!

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