If you have attended galas on a regular basis, you have probably seen and participated in the Cork Pull raffle. This low cost raffle requires that you pay $20-$50 to pull a numbered cork out of a bowl or board, and you get the corresponding bottle of wine that matches that number. Perhaps you’ve seen instead the Wall of Wine raffle where the winner receives a vast selection of wines to bring home to your personal wine cellar.

But, what if the profile of your event is better suited to beer than wine? How about having a “99 Bottles of Beer raffle”? That’s right, you purchase your raffle ticket for a chance to win from a great selection of unique beers.

If you live in an area that has lots of microbrews or unique beers, collect your unique selections. Then, instead of using raffle tickets, take beer bottle caps. Flip them over as you see in this picture, and number them or 1-99. Therefore, your raffle "ticket" is actually a beer bottle cap. Depending on your preferences, the winner/s could win all 99 bottles or receive a fun six-pack of beer. Know your theme. Know your audience. And choose which sort of raffle you want from that information.