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In short, digital contributions are at the least a significant contributor to the immediate future of fundraising.

Silent Auction Item Displays
Gussy up those silent auction item displays!

Every fundraiser has too much to do, too few people to accomplish it all, and too many great ideas that are languishing because of a lack of time to bring them to reality.

James Dean and the Oreo Smile
Between galas, a-thons, breakfasts, luncheons, special giving days, and donor recognition, many development pros and volunteers flame out if they don't take steps to stay engaged with their own mission. If you feel your fundraising batteries are running low, consider volunteering for the program you raise money for. I did and this experience got me fired up to get back to it.

Pet-Friendly Packages Can Make You Money
Imagine the mental message you will send when instead of a property being listed as “No Pets,” that restriction is lifted and shifted to “Pet-Friendly.”

That Whooshing Sound is Your Deadline Flying By!
How many times have you come to crunch time on your event? We suggest you start the planning of your auction event 10 months out.

Benefit Auction Institute Launches in Two Cities, Aims to Re-Imagine Benefit...
Benefit Auction Institute announces its launch, aiming to re-imagine the way nonprofits raise benefit auction funds.

From generational transfer of family wealth, to Generation X's ascension to leadership, the Chronicle of Philanthropy has identified key trends to watch for in 2015.

Christmas Angels
Can you imagine being homeless at the holidays? I share this story in the spirit of the season and to say a special thanks for all those who care for shelter guests, or raise funds to make that care possible.

AFP Research did an interesting study that should bolster you for the new year.

What is Your “Free” Auctioneer Costing You?
By investing in a professional fundraising auctioneer, your revenue will be increased over and above your investment. Plus, you receive guidance and support for your staff and committee during the entire process.

Auction Fail: Blinded by the Light
Missing a donor’s attempt to bid during the Live Auction has many bad consequences, from losing money for your cause, to offending a donor who wants to give. That’s why at Live Auctions there are bid spotters in the audience who act as the eyes of the auctioneer.

Learn from Your Misteaks, Ahem, Mistakes...
You’ve spent lots of time and energy over the past eight months to host a fundraising event. Now that it is over you can relax and put the file away for a few months, right? Not so fast....

Silent Auction Announcements… Less is more
Use your announcements and your coveted guest’s attention wisely! Limit the talking, but have impact when you do.


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