What is more important, a room filled with guests attending your event to eat dinner or a room brimming with guests passionate about your cause and there to support it? I think the answer is obvious. Many organizations lose this focus when compiling their guest list and it is the first step in getting the right people to your event.

Let’s talk about some ways to do this. First of all, who are your past and current supporters? These folks are key targets to invite. Pick up the phone and personally invite them. By doing this, you make them feel important and appreciated.

Second, have a brainstorming party with your committee to discuss people who support your community and are passionate about your cause. Identify those on the committee who may know them and have them reach out personally with a phone call or face to face invitation. Inviting these supporters should be the main area of your focus. If no one in the room knows these people, brainstorm to determine who does and make sure they get invited, maybe as a guest at another supporter’s table.

The rest of the seats will be filled by general donors who support your cause but don’t necessarily have the financial means to contribute on a big scale, so you can see the importance of being strategic.

Having the right guests in attendance is critical to a successful fundraising event!