My peaceful morning was shattered by noise. I was up early to plan my day and review last night’s emails. And then the trucks started rolling through our neighborhood to pick up garbage, recycling, and compost materials. I was grumbling to myself about how loud they were and that they were disturbing the beauty of the morning.

Then I stopped and thought about how petty my complaint was and I remembered just how lucky I am. I reflected on all of the clients that we serve where the noise of a garbage truck on a beautiful morning would be a blessing. ...We work with organizations that support the poor around the world from Vietnam, to China, to Mexico. We support organizations that help people in inner-city America and rural America; people who are struggling to make a living; to pay for their housing; to get an education. We support people who struggle to stand up and walk, and people for whom the biggest blessing would be a wheelchair that works. As I sat, I reflected on that at my kitchen table in my suburban home. I was feeling waves of both guilt, honor, and humility.

That garbage truck disturbed my morning but it helped me refocus and gain clarity. And those special moments have always been a chance to get myself realigned and back at it--sort of like a chiropractor for my attitude. This one reminded me that not only am I blessed in my neighborhood, but I'm also blessed to work within an industry where I assist nonprofits in making lives better. Thank you to every nonprofit who has made this work my work.