Excellent! Brought about ideas and excitement for our Auction.

Private Class attendee

Maplewood, MN

Got a lot of great ideas and tips! I love the interactive setting.

Birmingham attendee

Birmingham nonprofit

Very well done. Informative and beneficial to anyone involved in fundraising planning.

Carrie Hackman

Maplewood, MN

Valuable information. Great presentation and interaction.

Bessemer, AL Attendee

Bessemer, AL Nonprofit

Very engaging. Great ideas and specifics on Fund-a-Need and timelines. The session provided great real-life examples.

Chad Skally

Maplewood, MN

You really encouraged people who weren't experienced yet. Also, for us to call on each other.

Duluth, MN Attendee

Duluth, MN Nonprofit

Learned a lot. Good review of where our auction is and can go. ...BAI really knows what they are talking about. They would never steer us wrong.

Angie Balsimo-Stumpf

Maplewood, MN

As a new person to fundraising these classes were a great source of information.

Dana Allison

Maplewood, MN

Session was very strong. Huge value tonight.

Private Class attendee

Maplewood, MN

Great classroom engagement!

Farmington, MN Attendee

Twin Cities Nonprofit

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